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Eligiblе companies are thоѕе registered in Tаnzаniа with Buѕinеѕѕ Registrations аnd Liсеnѕing Agency (BRELA). Those buѕinеѕѕеѕ will аlѕо nееd tо dеmоnѕtrаtе being in роѕѕеѕѕiоn оf a valid buѕinеѕѕ liсеnѕе.

Members are deemed eligible to be part of the association based on criteria ranging from qualification, relevant work experience for individuals and relevant project experience for companies, evidence of indigenous identity for individuals and evidence of local business registration for companies or locally registered credible partners in the case of international companies.

Companies working in areas such as construction or contractor services that require professional registration with relevant bodies will need to provide evidence of their registrations.


Membership of the association will include companies across the full value chain of the activities in the oil and gas sector. The following is cross section of companies expected to form part of the membership base;

Companies and Organizations that are Directly Involved in the Sector

  • Manufacturers and material suppliers (e.g. pipeline, personal protective equipment, fittings, equipment, lubricants, industrial chemicals, etc.)
  • Construction companies (mechanical, civil, building, electrical, including specialized works contractors)
  • Pipe laying companies especially for oil and gas fields
  • Equipment providers (e.g. pressure reduction, metering, valves, PIG instrumentation, telemetry systems, communication systems etc.)
  • Surveying (e.g. terrain mapping, seismic)
  • Operation and maintenance companies
  • Marine engineering
  • Health and Safety
  • Consultancies (both engineering consultancies as well as general purpose consultancies)
  • Inspection, certification, testing and verification
  • Law firms
  • Insurance
  • Recruitment
  • Clearing and forwarding

Companies or Institutions that are Involved with the Sector Indirectly through the Wider Oil & Gas Value Chain

  • Transport & Logistics
  • Civil Engineering, Construction & Real Estate
  • Catering Services & Remote facilities
  • Energy (Fuel, Power & Gas Suppliers)
  • Mechanical & Electrical, Technologies
  • Insurance Services
  • Security, Safety Equipment & Risk Management
  • Industries & Equipment Suppliers
  • Finance & Audit
  • Consultancy Services
  • Human Resources
  • Inspection & Certification Services (NDT)
  • Travels & Tours
  • Legal Services
  • Upstream
  • Drilling services
  • Digitalization

Individual Members

This will allow opportunity for individuals who are already in some way engaged in the sector or with particular interest in the sector and wanting to gain the membership benefits to be part of the association.

This will specifically be aimed at trying to provide individuals access to the formal aspects of the sector in terms of gaining knowledge, opportunity for employment or career advancement and access to the significant market players for business development opportunities.

This category would specifically be targeting the following groups;

  • Student of engineering disciplines at higher education
  • Professionals already working in some capacity in the sector
  • Individuals running their own business that would like to engage with the oil and gas value chain


Being part of ATOGS will enable members to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Policy advocacy for promotion of local content in the development of the Oil and Gas industry.
  • Development of internationally recognized technical and safety standards for local providers.
  • Creating a trusted and credible network of providers to facilitate local and international partnerships.
  • Championing privileged access in prioritizing and contributing to the annual Oil and Gas policies, advocacy, and agenda.
  • Ample opportunities to engage with policy makers in consultative meetings/dialogue in Oil and Gas platforms.
  • Timely advice on individual member concerns encountered while doing business in the country and engagement with policy makers to address these issues.
  • Exclusive access to first-hand information on national investment and trade-related topics and thus giving a competitive edge.
  • Access to national and international business networks through B2B meetings, study tours and incoming and outgoing trade missions.
  • Access to our training courses that enhance skills in the areas of trade and business development as part of capacity building programs to our members.
  • Access to tenders and other business opportunities sourced out from public and private sector.

Membership Types & Fee Structure

Category One Off Joining Fees Monthly Subscription Fees
Ordinary (no voting rights)
TZS 2,200,000
TZS 176,000
Voting rights
TZS 2,200,000
TZS 220,000

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